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Due to demand waitlist is currently 1-2 months.If you are interested in a commission from me contact me to get on the waitlist and get further information.

+ character$30
+ character$40
+ character$45
+ character$40
+ character$50
+ character$55
+ character$50
+ character$60
+ character$75

Terms of Service

  • I will draw both SFW and NSFW.

  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me.

  • The characters you want drawn must be 18 years or older.

  • I will only draw fictional characters or real people who have given consent to be drawn.

  • The finished commission is for personal use only unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. You may post the finished commission to your social media with proper credit.

  • I reserve the right to post the commission in all its stages to my social media.

  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason I see fit.

  • Payment through PayPal. First rate when I start the drawing and second rate before I start colouring, if applicable.

  • A complexity fee for complex designs (characters with big, detailed tattoos, many details, etc.) may apply.

  • Simple backgrounds and props/items are included in the price.

  • Once work on the commission has begun it can no longer be refunded.

    Updated January 25th 2024


  • How long can I expect my commission to take?
    It depends on the size of the commission and other workloads, but usually 2-3 weeks unless otherwise specified.

  • I would like a commission for commercial use. Can you make that?
    Yes. I charge 50% extra of the commission price as a commercial fee. You will have the right to sell and profit off of the drawing and I won't post it to my own social media unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • I saw one of your drawings and wanted that with my own characters/other fictional characters. Will you draw that?
    Yes, any drawing I have made can be used as a base for a new commission.

  • I want a drawing of someone else/their persona. Will you draw that?
    I will need that person to confirm that they have agreed to this. I hold the right to refuse the commission if I have doubts about the authenticity of such a confirmation.

  • I want a drawing of a character that is canonically underage. Can I age up the character?
    In most cases my answer would be no, but message me and we can discuss it.

  • I want a commission that includes themes that are generally seen as controversial. Will you draw that?
    Message me and we can discuss the themes in question. I am generally fairly large on controversial themes and don’t mind dark kinks and the like. Judgement on whether I can do such a commission for you is made on a case to case basis.

  • I want a drawing that includes poses that doesn’t fit into the categories of “bust”, “half body” or “full body” (e.g. lower half of a body). Can I still include such a pose?
    Yes. Message me and I will give you a price based on the pose.

  • I would like you to draw a comic for me. Can you do that?
    It depends on the scope of the project. Message me and we can figure that out.

My OCs

Cai and AzariiMeeting accidentally Cai and Azarii makes up an unlikely duo. Azarii is a vinkar and Cai is a vinkar hunter, but through similar circumstances they find solace in each other and a forbidden romance starts to blossom.With the volatile relations between humans and vinkars they have to keep their relationship secret and they often have to navigate conflict and compromise, making the relationship difficult and eventually leads to a chaotic breakup that leaves both of them hurt.After Cai, Azarii needs to find another human to help him stay in human society. He inserts himself in Sarah's life, despite her best efforts to get him to back off. In time she finds that Azarii makes for a great friend and as she grows older and forms a family, her and her husband, Jake, can appreciate the extra hands in the house. And Azarii finds that this family more than makes up for the family he never thought he could have.

Cas and EelisFinding himself as a trans man took the majority of Eelis' attention until his early twenties. So it isn't until then that he decides to explore his curiosity about kinks and BDSM. Visiting a local club, he meets Cas, who's eager to show him the joys of submission.Cas is adamant that their relationship is strictly for play and shouldn't become romantic, but everything change when Cas gets evicted from his apartment and find himself couch surfing until he ends up on Eelis' couch for months. Living together blurs the lines and eventually they both have to admit that despite Cas' rules they have fallen for each other.

Extended OC lore

OC lore has been requested by at least two people so here we go, OC lore for your enjoyment! I have two different stories that I mostly work on and draw for. One is about Azarii and, from my drawings you could be led to believe, it’s also equally about Cai. While Cai is important to Azarii’s story, him and their relationship only takes up the first short bit, which you can read about here. Later I will add all the bits about Sarah and Jake also. The other story is about Cas and Eelis. Two OCs I specifically developed to have characters to draw BDSM of. They will also be added later.There’s gonna be very little structure to this outline, but lots of drawings, hope that makes up for it. There’s also gonna be a lot of angst, my apologies/you’re welcome.

About Azarii and Cai (and Alex and Sarah and Jake):

Azarii is a vinkar and a vinkar is my homemade species. They appear a lot like humans and can blend in easily. Except they have wings that can transform into tattoo-like wing marks on their back, they have fangs, they are supernaturally strong, and they live 4-5x longer. But only if they hunt and eat humans, otherwise they will lose these special traits and be virtually indistinguishable from humans.

In the modern world humans have known about vinkars for about 200 years. At the discovery it naturally caused a lot of panic among humans that had previously believed themselves to be at the top of the food chain. It took many years of unrest where vinkars lived precarious lives as fugitives and humans took every precaution possible before a new status quo was established. Azarii was born during this time and grew up on the run with his parents and little sister.

In the new peace times humans had more or less all moved to bigger towns or cities, a curfew was put in place to keep humans safely indoors at night and guards were posted in the street during the day. Vinkars also found new lives in this system, gathering in communities, living in the small abandoned towns, hunting humans who were outside alone a little too close to the curfew.While human authorities did have special divisions and forces to take care of ‘the vinkar problem’, not all humans had equal faith that the system was proactive enough. Some vigilante groups of humans would go out during the curfew to hunt vinkars. Cai is one such vinkar hunter. This is how he and Azarii meet.Cai is a human. His parents struggled with substance abuse most of his life so he was more or less left to take care of himself and his little sister growing up. His sister has been sick and in and out of hospitals for a good bit of their childhood (and also adulthood, see picture below) but doctors have been unable to figure out what was wrong with her and no treatment seemed to last. To get money for more specialized treatment in private clinics, Cai becomes a vinkar hunter. He finds a team with a wealthy sponsor who will pay the hunters per kill.

Trying to maximize a payout Cai goes out alone one night where he runs into and almost shoots Azarii. Azarii manages to wrestle the gun from him and had it been any other vinkar Cai would not have survived the encounter.
Unlike most of his peers, Azarii has some aversion to hunting. It’s not about ethics, just a personal ick he can’t put his finger on therefore decides to let Cai go, thinking someone else will probably find and kill him.
Both believing everything is fine go about their lives for the following few weeks until they accidentally run into each other during the day. Vinkars, being able to blend in with humans, use the day time to run errands and whateverthehell. Seeing Cai, Azarii quickly runs away, afraid he’ll report him to a guard and a search team come looking for him (vinkar extermination is after all taken pretty seriously). Cai is dumb though and tries to pursue him on his own and catches up with him in a secluded alley. Where Azarii once again turns the tables (see picture below).

It being in public during the day Azarii can’t just kill Cai with no way to get rid of the body but letting him go would also come at a great risk of being reported no matter how vehemently Cai insists he’ll forget all about Azarii. So they’re stuck with each other.
While weighing their options Cai gets a call from the hospital about his sister and her health. Despite how human society generally frames vinkars, Azarii is not a monster and keeping Cai while his sister needs him in the hospital doesn’t sit right with him.
This could have been the end between them, but everything about their encounters have been chaotic and lacked proper closure. Azarii has little reason to believe a vinkar hunter wouldn’t report him which is a risk not worth taking. The smart thing would be to kill Cai. But maybe the second best thing is to really somehow find a way to convince Cai as much as himself not to report him. This is the beginning of even more chaotic encounters with even less proper closure.The unforeseen consequence of seeing each other a few more times is that they actually get to know each other. They happen to have things in common (unpopular opinions among peers, trouble with family, etc) and having someone to talk to that won’t judge (for those things at least) is nice. So over a few months they start feeling a little more for each other. Who could have seen that coming.They both know that vinkars and humans dating is a big no no. It’s not entirely unheard of, but among humans it’s illegal and among vinkars it’s heavily frowned upon and usually leads to social isolation to protect the other vinkars from potential danger. But what can you do when love makes you stupid.Their first kiss was a bit of a mess as shown below. Lots of mixed emotions.

But it also did have a happy ending, as seen here, weeee.

And so their rocky relationship was off to a great start! For the first many months, Cai and Azarii can only spend time together in public or in particularly seedy motels that won’t bother to double check Azarii’s absolutely not government issued fake ID. With both of them also having other obligations, they get to see each other a lot less than they’d actually like. Cai has his own place, but it’s a room in the vinkar hunters’ headquarters/dormitory. And bringing Azarii around there seems like less than the brightest idea. But what can you do when love makes you stupid. And at this point both of them have taken so many risks that what is a little more, right?Their plan was very much for Azarii to visit without interacting with any of the other hunters. But with the hunting team being somewhat social and friendly with each other it was naive of them to not expect a few nosy questions.
And it certainly doesn’t help that Azarii finds out that Cai hardly takes his vinkar hunting position very seriously - meaning he doesn’t take the risks very seriously either. Azarii knows he can’t talk Cai out of being a hunter, but he can certainly make sure Cai is as prepared for anything as he can be. Cai has more or less ignored his mentor, Alex, who for the most part comes off as stuck up and takes himself too seriously. But Azarii doesn’t let Cai brush him off that easily, which immediately makes Alex approve of their relationship. (Granted he doesn’t know Azarii is a vinkar and believes he’s just ex-military with enough combat experience to reliably train Cai. Even suggests he should join their vinkar hunter team, which Azarii kindly declines.)

While Cai and Azarii for the most part have a good relationship it’s unavoidable to avoid all conflicts. Compartmentalization is a great tool but it only does so much. Cai for instance is not a great fan of Azarii’s diet. While Azarii doesn’t hunt humans himself he does eat with his community. Cai suggests that he can be Azarii’s donor instead. That way no one has to die and it would be consensual. Sounds like a plan, except it messes with Azarii’s carefully constructed compartmentalization boxes where Cai is neatly sorted as ‘boyfriend’, not ‘food’. He does agree to give it a shot and it works almost like a charm.
Azarii’s closest friend, Raithe, works as a nurse and can get him some blood donation gear to make the entire process easier and more precise. They find whatever little amount Cai can safely and consistently give that also allows Azarii to keep his special vinkar traits (wings, fangs, strength, life span) but it doesn’t cover all the nutritions so Azarii does have to compensate with some human food. Which Cai is actually quite thrilled about. Azarii has never had to really eat human food and, other than some snacks, haven’t really tried much, so he has the palate of a child and the cooking skills of a child. Cai has a lot of fun introducing him to various dishes and teaching him the absolute basics.

So for the most part everything seems great. In between all their duties they spend a lot of time together in Cai’s room. Until one day Alex walks in on them (respect privacy, Alex, smh). In an attempt to somewhat control the fallout of the catastrophe that is Alex seeing Azarii’s wingmarks and having the braincells to put together 2 and 2 , Azarii tackles him and Cai locks the door. Azarii has no intentions to actually hurt Alex, but Alex doesn’t know this and him being him of course carry around some of the sedative they use on vinkars when hunting and manages to knock Azarii out.

In the few hours Azarii is unconscious Cai pleads with Alex to please not report him. Not only would it get Azarii killed but their relationship is also illegal and would absolutely ruin Cai’s life if it came out - which would also ruin any chance for him to save up the money for his sister’s treatment. It’s important to note that Alex absolutely hates vinkars and has made it his entire identity to hate vinkars. When he was six a vinkar broke into his home and killed his parents (at this time it is not normal for vinkars to break into homes since it runs the risk of disturbing the very fragile semblance of peace that has been established and so this vinkar would definitely have faced consequences from their community for their choice). Alex was left to be taken care of by an indifferent foster care system and already at 16 he joined the vinkar hunter team in search of purpose, power and vengeance. He would not be quick to forgive Cai for bringing a vinkar around their hunter headquarters, nor forgive Azarii for existing.Cai and Azarii (when he finally gains consciousness again) do manage to convince Alex to not report them as long as he never sees Azarii again. Probably the best that Azarii and Cai could have hoped for and as soon as Azarii feels ok after having been drugged he’s out of there.It does have a negative impact on the relationship now when they have lost the only base they could actually hang out at. And it doesn’t take long before Azarii sneaks over at night and leaves again before morning so Alex won’t know. Very risky but what can you do when love makes you stupid. And of course Alex finds out which is all sorts of not good. Alex does recognize though that Azarii has been a positive influence on Cai so begrudgingly allows him to stick around - but if he ever catches him doing anything suspicious he will not hesitate to report him. And so begins the arc of Cai and Azarii’s relationship with an Alex constantly watching and judging and being all sorts of passive aggressive. Fun stuff.

I enjoy making a lot of AUs and alternative timelines and threesome AU is a big favourite that lives rent free in my head. Please disregard this. I just like to think that Alex would realize that relationships are actually kinda fun and nice from all his watching Cai and Azarii. And get a little jealous that he doesn’t have that and has instead spent all his time hating and being angry. And that he would be really bad at hiding that he felt that way, meaning Cai and Azarii would notice and fall a little in love with him as well. And that a relationship with these two that would call him out on his bullshit would actually be really healthy for Alex to help him move on from his past and actually embrace a future. That’s not the story line we’re going with tho uwu.

Now, Cai and Azarii have of course had almost relationship-ending arguments about the conflict between their species and who’s in the right because compartmentalization can only do so much. It all comes to a head when Azarii finds out who Cai actually works for. This entire time Azarii had assumed that Cai’s vinkar hunting team was just some random (surprisingly well-organized) team and therefore felt he could justify ignoring the harm they did. It’s an entirely different story when the leader of the team is Santinez. It’s far from uncommon for vinkars to have ties to organized crime. For many vinkar communities it’s a symbiotic relationship where human criminals can give them access to things they wouldn’t otherwise have and vinkars can ensure protection during nightly activities especially. And in the criminal underworld Santinez is known for human and vinkar trafficking to high-end clientele. But other than his name, nobody really knew who he was.
One of the victims of Santinez’ team is Kalah. After her disappearance her daughter, Priya, was adopted by one of Azarii’s best friends, Hammia, and her girlfriend. After over a year Kalah managed to escape and find her way back to the community and her daughter. But her condition was so bad that there was little to do to help her. She took her own life only a few months later, causing her kid to lose her mother twice.
So when Azarii inevitably runs into Santinez at the vinkar hunter headquarter the anger that causes him to kill him is deeply personal. Fortunately, Cai is the only other person there to witness it. Unfortunately, Cai witnessed it.

In the moment, Azarii feels betrayed and even doubts that Cai had no idea what Santinez was really using the hunters for. But from Cai’s reaction it’s clear he really didn’t know anything. In an attempt to manage the crisis, Azarii covers any trace Cai was there and gets as far away from the scene as he can himself.When Azarii left it was with the sole goal of getting away from the murder to avoid detection and capture. But as the situation dawns on him he starts thinking that maybe Cai probably would prefer to never see him again. And also possibly maybe Cai would be so upset about the situation he’d reported him. And also just maybe, deep down, Azarii just doesn’t wanna confront what he has done. It’s not the first time he has killed someone. But the way Cai looked at him when he did? He is not eager to confront that.After Santinez’ death his operation was discovered. While killing vinkars isn’t illegal, trafficking is. And especially human trafficking. This leads to a lengthy legal battle where it is investigated what role the vinkar hunters played and eventually vinkar hunting becomes banned entirely. Good for the vinkars, not great for Cai that depended on it to try and save his sister. And just like Azarii had his doubts about Cai, Cai is left entirely alone to wonder if he had just been used to get to Santinez.

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