This site contains sexual themes in the form of NSFW illustrations.
Please only proceed if you are at least eighteen years of age and comfortable with these themes.
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@RHUBARB_BOI // @RHUDRAWSFreelance Illustrator. Aspiring Comic Artist. Professional Pencil Hoarder.

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Due to demand waitlist is currently 1-2 months.


+ character$30
+ character$40
+ character$45
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+ character$75

Terms of Service

  • I will draw both SFW and NSFW.

  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me.

  • The characters you want drawn must be 18 years or older.

  • I will only draw fictional characters or real people who have given consent to be drawn.

  • The finished commission is for personal use only unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. You may post the finished commission to your social media with proper credit.

  • I reserve the right to post the commission in all its stages to my social media.

  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason I see fit.

  • Payment through PayPal. First rate when I start the drawing and second rate before I start colouring, if applicable.

  • A complexity fee for complex designs (characters with big, detailed tattoos, many details, etc.) may apply.

  • Simple backgrounds and props/items are included in the price.

  • Once work on the commission has begun it can no longer be refunded.

    Updated January 25th 2024


  • How long can I expect my commission to take?
    It depends on the size of the commission and other workloads, but usually 2-3 weeks unless otherwise specified.

  • I would like a commission for commercial use. Can you make that?
    Yes. I charge 50% extra of the commission price as a commercial fee. You will have the right to sell and profit off of the drawing and I won't post it to my own social media unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • I saw one of your drawings and wanted that with my own characters/other fictional characters. Will you draw that?
    Yes, any drawing I have made can be used as a base for a new commission.

  • I want a drawing of someone else/their persona. Will you draw that?
    I will need that person to confirm that they have agreed to this. I hold the right to refuse the commission if I have doubts about the authenticity of such a confirmation.

  • I want a drawing of a character that is canonically underage. Can I age up the character?
    In most cases my answer would be no, but message me and we can discuss it.

  • I want a commission that includes themes that are generally seen as controversial. Will you draw that?
    Message me and we can discuss the themes in question. I am generally fairly large on controversial themes and don’t mind dark kinks and the like. Judgement on whether I can do such a commission for you is made on a case to case basis.

  • I want a drawing that includes poses that doesn’t fit into the categories of “bust”, “half body” or “full body” (e.g. lower half of a body). Can I still include such a pose?
    Yes. Message me and I will give you a price based on the pose.

  • I would like you to draw a comic for me. Can you do that?
    It depends on the scope of the project. Message me and we can figure that out.

My OCs

Cai and AzariiMeeting accidentally Cai and Azarii makes up an unlikely duo. Azarii is a vinkar and Cai is a vinkar hunter, but through similar circumstances they find solace in each other and a forbidden romance starts to blossom.With the volatile relations between humans and vinkars they have to keep their relationship secret and they often have to navigate conflict and compromise, making the relationship difficult and eventually leads to a chaotic breakup that leaves both of them hurt.After Cai, Azarii needs to find another human to help him stay in human society. He inserts himself in Sarah's life, despite her best efforts to get him to back off. In time she finds that Azarii makes for a great friend and as she grows older and forms a family, her and her husband, Jake, can appreciate the extra hands in the house. And Azarii finds that this family more than makes up for the family he never thought he could have.

Cas and EelisFinding himself as a trans man took the majority of Eelis' attention until his early twenties. So it isn't until then that he decides to explore his curiosity about kinks and BDSM. Visiting a local club, he meets Cas, who's eager to show him the joys of submission.Cas is adamant that their relationship is strictly for play and shouldn't become romantic, but everything change when Cas gets evicted from his apartment and find himself couch surfing until he ends up on Eelis' couch for months. Living together blurs the lines and eventually they both have to admit that despite Cas' rules they have fallen for each other.

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